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Are the tux500 people really all THAT bad?

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In a comment appended to the last post, Richard Querin thoughtfully muses: "I'm not so sure they're as evil as you make them out to be."

Nor am I. I actually think it's mostly stupidity and arrogance on their part.

The big-picture point I've been getting at is that OTHER Linux/Free/Open Source promotions manage to get the job done and not end up looking like a bunch of Scientologists.

Appearances: If you cover yourself in blood, heft a machete, and charge into a police station confessing to multiple murders, then yes, indeed, it IS YOUR FAULT that people suspect you of committing a crime. Just a teeny bit.

Not just rig Digg. But post your plan to rig Digg beforehand in a public forum! But not just that; if you check the thread current on LXer, now they're all "Well, Digg sucks anyway!" And not just claiming that I was the one who reported it to the abuse email (which would at least have been plausible) but further hypothesize that I, Pete, have SPECIAL INFLUENCE with the multi-millionaire owner enough to get selective members banned!

How about marketing Linux with something like... a plan? Naw, screw that:

  • we had the idea just a month before deadline
  • hustled the first fly-by-night marketer who said yes
  • posted our highest total as our goal first to maximize sticker shock
  • picked the worst driver
  • didn't even put "Linux computing" on the sticker so race fans know it's not just advertising penguins
  • got ourselves kicked off of every decent forum on the web*
  • ostracized all the big-company major distros for not supporting us
  • have had the number-two spokesperson alternately lie at every turn about everything and scream denials that he's involved in the project
  • and every time somebody who advocates Linux and uses it as part of their job or who knows something about racing says, "Couldn't we do this just a little bit different?", we scream "You traitor! You ha-a-a-ate Linux!"

In better circumstances, I'd recommend we all form a committee where money is gradually collected (in a bank account with open books, even?) by members who also get to VOTE on how the money is to be spent marketing Linux. In fact, isn't that something like what places like Foundation do?

Unfortunately, it's too late for that now: by the time these idiots are done ruining our reputation by claiming to speak for us all, we won't be able to utter the word "Linux" in public without having to dodge thrown objects for the next five years.

No, wait, even that's not enough: Then helios posts near the bottom "Boy, if people are upset by this campaign, wait till they see what's next."

Da-da-da, da da dum!

stupidity + arrogance * 1000 = (+/-1%)99% evil. And at that point, what's the difference?

*Slashdot doesn't want them, either, as I've read elsewhere on LXer, for "personal reasons" (???). If Slashdot, normally very Linux-friendly, says "no" to your Linux promotion effort could that be a clue???

Now, some of you have been reading me for the year this site has been up, even years before when I had other blogs, and you've *never* seen me on this kind of rampage, have you? And really, I can't imagine a scenario where I'd be on one such again. Nothing can top this fiasco.

So in case you're wondering why I am so quick to burn every bridge with the tux500 gang that I can, well, helios just said it for me:

"Gang, I am trying to keep a positive face on this, admittedly it is getting a bit more difficult. Like smiling thru a root canal. The fact is, as I understand it, Rob has already told more than one person that he didn't much care if Tux500 cured cancer, he was not covering it. That's fine. whatever level of success we achieve, we can claim we did it without slashdot, most of digg and without corporate help...at least until now.

What is sad, and I am not going to name names...companies that have been in the news lately have refused to answer our calls for assisstance. That's fine, say no...it's not the end of the world. But for perseis sake, have the courtesy to do that at least. I may not be happy with Dell and Xandros telling us no, but I respect them much more for doing so in the matter I contacted them. The private companies that made a big deal about switching to Linux...?

Contacted numerous times...no answer."

If they're that determined to make enemies that fast with every major player on the Internet and FOSS technology, then my butt is safest on the opposite side of the fence from them. I saw this coming since day one.

3:41PM, 5/12/07: First day of qualifying, in 26th (dead last) place is Stephan Gregoire (77) - best time: 41.4666 top speed: 217.042 practice laps so far: 51.

Now I'm just praying that the tux500 gang doesn't pressure their driver to win so hard that he takes crazy chances which he can't handle and ends up crashing. Pressure is what they do best, you know! I don't like this scenario... it's the only thing that hasn't gone wrong yet.

I hate getting gut feelings. Not only are they always right, but they're never good news.

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