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b2evo comment order bug found

Date/Time Permalink: 05/07/07 06:55:33 am
Category: Site News

I'm pretty much the only one interested, but if any of the commenters here (or on other B2evo blogs!) have been wondering why comments sometimes display out of order, it's due to a bug found here.

Actually, probably less of a bug in SQL than in B2evo. And now that I have that link saved, I can note fixing it later and get back to the 120 other things I've gotta do this morning...

UPDATE: It appears that it isn't that easy. This is more of an SQL problem than a B2Evolution problem. I have tested the fix and it does indeed break other things. I'm trying to track it down and cope with it as best I can.

UPDATE 8/6/07: It's been a while, and my code patches have withstood a couple of month's worth of enthusiastic pounding, so I'm going to mark this bug resolved. At a crossroads. With a wooden stake in its heart.

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