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Dear Newsforge: I am not devnet.

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This Newsforge article gave me a wee start this morning. It quotes me as saying "Trbovich, a freelance writer and graphic design artist, takes controversial stands in the community, saying that Ubuntu is not a suitable distribution for new Linux users[1], and Linux is not a replacement for Windows[2]."

[2] Links to an ITWire post covering my hyper-controversial "Ubuntu is not Linux" posting, which in reality said that Ubuntu should be considered a Windows-replacement and the rest of Linux can be Linux. So that's a jump removed from a post I've long-ago blogged, quoted out of context, in fact outright lying, but that ain't my beef today. Yes, I've been smeared (That's my whole life story is I knocked Ubuntu, huh? 200 other posts notwithstanding.), in a mean, vicious attempt to discredit me, but mean, stupid people have been with us since day one.

But [1] actually links to linux-blog.org. Quoted as ME!!! I had finished breakfast prior to reading that part, but it's a struggle to keep it down, now.

Moreover, it links to a post on linux-blog.org which I'd previously never heard of, in which devnet slimes Ubuntu...

"However, when someone hands a new Linux user a disc, most likely it is Ubuntu or TheOpenCD. Are you doing that person a favor? I don’t think so."

...in favor of his own pet distro, of course. The more devnet and helios boost their pet distro at the expense of the Linux community, the more I dislike even mentioning its name. And devnet includes the usual anti-command-line rant (What the Hell is wrong with this guy? Doesn't he own a keyboard? Was he attacked by a command line as a kid and now suffers emotional scars? Why a command line? Why not DRM or proprietary document formats or ugly icons?).

My own comments on Ubuntu (scattered in many places on this site) have been more to the opposite: Ubuntu is so fit for new Linux users that it's fit for very little else.

But Newsforge made up for it by telling me new news of a previous fund-raiser, directed at Austin, Texas, to promote just devnet's distro on a radio ad! This only cost $10,000. And also touches on other fund-raisers as well.

I'm starting to get the picture: (1) devnet and/or helios (now if you mix up those two, no one can blame you - they're practically Siamese twins) resents that Ubuntu is more popular than their distro. Well, that's life, ain't it? (2) Coming up with feckless and reckless schemes to spend Other People's Money is more of a career with them than a hobby.

And, hey, Newforge, thanks for opening the new can of worms! I still love you anyway!

UPDATE: Or maybe NOT! It turns out to look like this could not have been a mistake on Newsforge reporter Tina Gasperson's part. After all, Tina wrote a glowing SITE REVIEW AND INTERVIEW with devnet (whose real name is given as "Derrick Penner" in this interview and "Derrick Devine" by a net Who-is search).

Seems a little hard to confuse us when you go *that* far back with Derrick, doesn't it?

This identity crisis now makes a lot more sense... Of course! I wonder if the conversation would go something like this:

Derrick Penner: "Hey, old buddy, I need a favor!"
Tina Gasperson: "What's up?"
Derrick Penner: "This Penguin Pete guy is all over my tail. I can't get away with anything with him putting the heat on me."
Tina Gasperson: "Well, just dig up some dirt on him and throw it right back."
Derrick Penner: "I can't find anything that will do the trick. Name-calling him an 'elitist' only gets you so far."
Tina Gasperson: "Hmmm, why don't you pretend you're him?"
Derrick Penner: "How's that?"
Tina Gasperson: "Just put on your troll hat and write your most inflammatory anti-Linux/FOSS rant. Then have somebody link to it claiming it's him."
Derrick Penner: "Wow! That's brilliant! And if anybody notices, we'll just pretend not to hear about it. Thanks a lot, Tina! I knew a friend in a high place would come in handy some day."
Tina Gasperson: "Well, I'm still down for an autographed Indy 500 T-shirt from Michael Andretti, right?"
Derrick Penner: "Two of them."

By the way, you don't think that Vista500 was posted by somebody who has a stake in spurring more donations to tux500 through panic, do you? After all, poor old Microsoft is obviously so broke, that they need their fans to hold fund-raisers to sponsor them on cars. It isn't like Vista has color glossy fold-out ads in the middle of every major magazine right now. Doesn't sound the least bit fishy. Oh, no, no question about it. Well, never mind my FUD, toddle along, now.

"This Starks fellow needs to realize that this is HIS campaign, not OURS."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

UPDATE 8/14/07: Devnet - or somebody doing a great impression of Devnet - posted a comment after all this time adding more mud to the matter of his last name with a complicated saga which claims both last names as well as introducing a third last name of 'Martinez'. I don't know and don't care at this point.

But it's a Tux500-mafia member, so deleted it was. At this point, I don't care if the lying pack of bastards are here to give me a weather report - I can no longer put a speck of trust in the most repentant of them and still do not host my site to spread their foul agenda.

Interestingly enough, I just happened to have removed a bunch of IP deny's from my site's set-up today. Yeah, just a few hours ago, I was looking at a bunch of lines commented "Tux500 mafia" and saying "I can wipe these off now; it's ancient history." I forgot that to a small mind, no grudge is too petty to carry forever.

Check it out: three MONTHS have passed. I remove the block and LESS THAN FOUR hours later, the little shit's back! I'm kinda flattered that I'm worth checking on night and day, but this guy is one step from getting slapped with a restraining order.

He has enough to keep him busy anyway, with fending off the angry mob over some new chicanery involving his pet distro. Remember when I said: "I won't be covering the next scam. It will be somebody else's turn."? Well, that's happening right now. Is he going to stalk every one of those people forever as well? Can anybody PLEASE buy this jerk-off a fish and name it "Life", so he'll have one?

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