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Dell will offer Linux pre-installed!

Date/Time Permalink: 03/28/07 07:41:51 pm
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There's the link in the title to the Idea Storm page... the story broke on Digg first.

Heh, well, we'll see where it goes. As many have said, I don't care *what* distro. Anything to go into a regular computer store and finally, at last, be a recognized Linux customer. Mainly just for the possible (I hope?) fringe benefits.

No longer having to hide my computer from my ISP.

No longer having to configure Firefox to lie in the user-agent string to visit websites.

Actually being able to buy something with the Tux logo on it and the guarantee that it's supported. Maybe even a game or two?

Being able to admit that I have Linux to associates and not have them back up six feet and ask if its contagious.

Dream on! But we've had some lucky breaks these past few years. Just pardon me if I'm still skeptical. We in the Linux community are used to screaming in outrage. You what? You give in? That will take some getting used to.

By the by, I haven't forgotten about BSD, Open Solaris, ReactOS, and all the others. I want to see all freedom software win, of every platform. But right now, this opens the door to the rest.

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