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A field guide to halt the Linux menace...

Date/Time Permalink: 03/23/07 09:13:46 am
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Ah, sometimes another blogger beats me to it. I saw the latest (bad use of Flash! blea-a-ah!) strategy for "winning against Linux" on a site called "Linux Personas". See, the idea here is to profile Linux users so you have a better idea how to brainwash them sell them a different operating system. But I've had a huge pile of work to tunnel out from under, so didn't get to it.

So, congrats to Builderau for filling in. It needed to be commented on. The comments from the noble readers of that site have links to the still-existing Flash original, while the link as I gave it is now shut down.

Had I gotten around to it, I was thinking of suggesting a method of profiling Linux users like how the real "war on Linux" would be fought openly... kind of like the war on drugs. Imagine the Linux profiles site mashed up with Reefer Madness:

Linux Hipster: This screwy chicklet-tickler thinks the whole Microsoft caper is applesauce. He was down in the dumps until a sly cat tipped him off to the chilly bird. Now he thinks he's the cat's pajamas. To give him an earful, tell him that the Microsoft legal G-men are gonna ankle up to his door put the icy mitt on his swing. That'll give him what-for!

I mean, if you're THAT out of touch with FOSS fans that you need an Audubon Society field guide like we were a bunch of wild birds, you might as well go all the way. Know what I mean, Jelly Bean?


"So what's the word, chilly bird?" Hey, this could be fun, but I have to go write a million ebooks before deadline...

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