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Is it time to take back our Internet?

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The comments appended to this post got me riled. In there, one kuriharu proceeded to dispense anti-Linux FUD with all the subtlety of a beer belch. I'd seen this troll before, popping up on my site wherever a post gets popular. Then I noticed that merely Googling for that screen nick gets 2,370 hits. All of them to forums and blogs where he comments posting just two messages: (1) anti-Linux, and (2) anti-Democrat (with specific focus on Al Gore and global warming).

The political end is somebody else's job, but the technology part belongs to I, said the fly. And so I buzzed through link after link, observing the long history of trolls made by kuriharu on Slashdot, Digg, Ubuntu forums, and others. Particularly in the Ubuntu forums, I notice a pattern of posting about some obscure problem, responding to each suggestion with "that didn't work", and concluding by posting a "Linux sucks, I'm going back to Windows" rant.

Check it for yourself! Post after post, several per day, throughout a nine-to-five day... what doesn't he have a job? And then you realize... this IS his job!

So I have a new link in my sidebar - that handsome "anti-asstroturf" button over there. That link goes to a wonderful information resource on both political and commercial astroturf. There's more where that came from!

And then what do I see today when I get to Slashdot? Yet another anti-Linux troll, posted in a "blog" and "submitted" to Slashdot. It is tagged "troll, flamebait, FUD". The comments responding show that even Slashdotters aren't fooled every time.

The difference is, I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

We prosecute spam, phishing, and other forms of Internet fraud. And posing as a private party while working for a commercial company for the purpose of tricking the public is fraud as well.

It needs a law with jail time behind it. Preferably with a cell mate who has accepted a lot of V*agra samples.


UPDATE: Oooooh yes, one more thing... One reason why so many asstroturfers sound so much alike is because they "cut and paste". If you suspect a cut and paster, use Copyscape to locate the original source!

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