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Hey! I haven't done a Searchbag post in awhile...

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Hello, True Believers! It's time once again to pull up a few items from the search-bag, that list of search terms tracked by my b2evolution stats which show some of the phrases which landed people on this site via a search engine. What I'm mostly interested in are the "near-misses" - those phrases which show that the searcher came here looking for something that was almost, but not quite, entirely unhere.

backgrounds that move: I just did that here. It's all in how you Google it.

programmer's distro: That's one I've wandered in search of for many years. I have it down to two: Slackware and grml and by extension Debian classic. Funny how at first, "a Linux distro for programmers" was a redundant phrase, and now in post-Ubuntu Linux, it's all you can do to find a distro that has enough teeth to chew a "hello world" C program out of the box. Linux as of 2007 has gotten so slack, I expect any day now to find it on my couch smoking pot and scarfing Mallomars.

attractive women reading blog: If there's any attractive women not married to me who are reading this blog, I'm sure they're lost.

nethack stop using leash: Oh, for Heaven's sake, just [A]pply it, the same way you put the leash on. It's only a keyboard in front of a game, you know. Just PLOKTA until something happens. I promise the keyboard won't bite your hands off if you guess wrong.

nethack avoid starvation: Eat. At least five things you can do in Nethack to stave off hunger: (1) Eat any regular food item - it never goes bad. (2) Eat fresh corpses - safe ones only! (3) Wear a ring of slow digestion. (4) Use a spell of stone-to-flesh to convert rocks and gems to meat. (5) Pray - but not too often or your deity will disown you.

damn small linux crack admin: You've gotta be kidding. Not only do you expect to find out how to break into a Linux box from the first page of Google results, but of all the distros to pick on, you're sitting there stumped by "Damn Small Linux"? What do you do on weekends, hold up a lemonade stand with a water pistol?

bash prompt date: Well, if your date showed up late then I could see wanting to bash them... oh, wait a minute, you want to know how to make a prompt in Bash show the calendar date. Just include '\d' anywhere in your PS1 declaration. To get the date from the command line, in typical elitist-egghead non-intuitive CLI thinking, the command is "date". And "cal" gives you a calender month printed out at the command line.

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