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Stumble Upon is getting Too Damn Pushy!

Date/Time Permalink: 02/21/07 06:16:14 am
Category: General

There was a time when I rated Stumble Upon my favorite Firefox extension. Way back in version one, when all it was was a way to recommend and find websites.

But when I started Firefox just now and got the update for 3.0, I started flashing back to those pushy toolbars that frequently infest Internet Explorer. Every time I upgrade, the toolbar wants its own line, the buttons explode all over my browser, the menus change, and I have to take half an hour each time to figure out the new tricks to jam it back into its tiny little alloted place.

This time around, the order that the buttons will present themselves in is fixed different from last time, and there's no way to sort them back into the preferred order. It is becoming too much trouble to keep around when all I wanted was a random site button, a search box, and 2 rating buttons.

Profiles, groups, network, email, chat, what next, is it going to install a new operating system over my Linux without asking? Stumble Upon, heady at its triumphs, has gotten it into its head that it's the new Yahoo. A bad idea, when most anybody who isn't stuck in 1995 would rather be dipped in sewage and set ablaze than spend one minute on Yahoo.

This is the second-to-the-last straw. One more peep out of this bossy little extension and out it goes. If I wanted to live my whole life inside of a bloated piece of malware, I would have stayed on Windows.

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