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Free Classic Gaming 64x64 Icons

Date/Time Permalink: 02/19/07 12:07:41 am
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Bubble Bobble Icon
Ghosts n Goblins Icon
Mr. Do! Icon
Qbert Icon
Rastan Icon
Rygar Icon
Shinobi Icon
Strider Icon

Jeer if you must, but here's some classic arcade game icons in 64x64 size I made from screen shots of the games running in the XMAME emulator. Free to use, just right-click copy, or load into your chat program. Great for adding some character to chat and forum profiles.

"Just think how much better these would be if they were animated!" Yeah, and think how much more work they'd be! So... how would I if I were inclined? Use some program to capture frame-by-frame the window action, then edit the frames into a coherent loop? I dunno, but screen snaps were a cinch, and do we really need more bandwidth-hogging animated icons anyway? there, I've talked myself out of it...

Got a request for your favorite game character? Just shout it out in the comments; I'll add it. (assuming I can get the ROM, that is!)

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