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Clippy Alive and Well on Linux

Date/Time Permalink: 02/11/07 01:28:12 pm
Category: LINKS and Lists

For a joke, somebody made a plugin for a vi version that adopts Clippy, the annoying office assistant that was still hanging around in Redmond products until last month, apparently. Check the link in the title.

This is a great idea. Linux is ready to adopt Clippy. If we give him a new home, we will have to promise to treat him better, and not make him say such stupid things as his former boss did. Perhaps have him be a search assistant. Maybe a programming tutor. Send Clippy to college, and assure him that he'll never have to be a flunky again. Clippy is, to my knowledge, the first thing that Microsoft has ever set free, so we have to make some use of it.

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