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Game of the Day: Chromium

Date/Time Permalink: 10/17/06 09:58:44 am
Category: Linux Gaming

Chromium screenshot

Chromium is a straight-forward 2D space shooter with a similar feel to the arcade classics. The graphics are top-notch, however, with generous use of OpenGL effects. The sound is quite good, with either a jamming default background music, or it will auto-play a music CD if it finds one in the drive when you start. I discovered this by accident when I played on my wife's login and found myself blasting ships to the gentle strains of "Your Love is King" by Sade... which kind of killed the macho feeling.

In Chromium, you must not let a single intruder pass. Thus, it is often a viable strategy to simply ram your enemy rather than shoot it, particularly if you have a lot on the screen, your shields are high, and your weapons are low. Weapons and shields are powered up by snagging tokens as they fly by.

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