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Game of the Day: Armagetron

Date/Time Permalink: 10/16/06 04:32:47 am
Category: Linux Gaming

Armagetron screenshot

Armagetron is the "Tron"-derived light-cycle 3D action game for the Linux desktop. I've seen my share of light-cycle games before, but none of them - for *any* system - comes close to Armagetron. For a whole bunch of reasons:

(1) Performance. Every system I've tried it on settled for whatever graphics card/drivers I had going in the particular spot and didn't flinch. OpenGL is nice, but not required. There are performance tweaks you can make from the menu.

(2) Easily customized. The menus support everything from re-mapping the keyboard to using the mouse to selecting the AI players, setting their IQ, choosing the graphics pack, and so on.

(3) Game quality. This game never gets old. While it doesn't require advanced graphic setup, it's an even bigger treat to run it on a full-power system. A mere ATI Radeon card gave me every tweak in the eye-candy department. It's very immersively realistic when you get every possible video option on.

I must say, however, that there's only so smart you can make the bots. Thereafter, you can easily beat them simply by buzzing around in a corner minding your own business while they all annihilate each other, then trap the last one. Making them more numerous, or the arena smaller, or the speed faster, quickly erases all advantages for humans. There are so many ways to play this, it could almost be a game pack rather than just one game. It's an essential part of a Linux gamer's desktop.

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