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New Feature! Entire blog history on a single page!

Date/Time Permalink: 09/14/06 04:46:05 pm
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This has bugged me like an NSA agent for the longest time. And now that I have my re-design in place, I can finally do something about it! And you, too, can enjoy the very same benefits at no additional cost, taxes and title may vary by state some restrictions apply void where prohibitted.

B2evolution's default navigation system sucks. The "recent posts" system doesn't show them all. The sidebar categories links just list the maximum posts per page to one category. The "next" button bites it, although I'll leave it there. The retarded part is that to see a post from longer than a month or so ago, the only way to find it has been to keep hitting "next", loading nine posts per page going back through history. How candy-ass is that?

But no longer! Looking to the sidebar, the new button is

"view full archives"

at the dizzying height of the top of the sidebar! This single, solitary link will whoosh you to a dynamic page which list the entire blog history by category, all on one convenient page! Yes, the distance from one post to another through the entire blog is now no more than a maximum of JUST TWO CLICKS! SAY ADIOS to the OLD NAVIGATION SYSTEM that is even more irritating than my random text tags in this paragraph!

Believe it or not, even the vaunted "back office" of B2evolution, which is quite good in other ways, lacks this feature. That's right, if I wanted to check back on a post from months ago, *my* only way was to search and pray, or click "next page" until my mouse pointer made a dent in the screen. One wonders where the original developers learned about usability...

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