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I Figured Out Jamie Zawinski

Date/Time Permalink: 09/13/06 08:02:20 pm
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Jamie Zawinski is a name you gotta know in the FOSSisphere.Φ He's the fiendishly brilliant coder behind XEmacs, as well as most of the screen hacks you see in XScreensaver, and had a role in the birth of Firefox's dad Mozilla, and has generally made the geek scene. Then he left it all behind to start - what? A Web 2.00001~ startup? A hardware business? A telecom? No, a nightclub in San Francisco.

Why? Why would you, Jamie? Oh, my precious, who left me so alone...

Shots of the DNA Lounge Link not safe for work, home, or the privacy of your own basement.

oh. THAT'S why! So he could have the Genitortureres on stage! Does he throw a mean party or what? Gotta say, it warms my black, nicotine-resin-stained, leathery heart to see the same lifetime touched by the pinacle of geekdom and the ultimate pervert party. Rock on, JWZ! You're the hope for us all!

Φ I didn't type that. Tell me I didn't just type that.

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