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Welcoming "The Linux Newbie" to my blogroll

Date/Time Permalink: 08/16/06 07:30:02 am
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This is kind of shocking, because I thought there was no signs of intelligent life left on Blogspot. But I followed a link from Mad Penguin, and when I got through this post, I just went "Awwwww!" It's so sweet when a truly green user stumbles into Linux and manages to dope it all out in a day or so, and come up with such honest assessment.

Newbies, take notes from that blog. Notice that the author is able to relay clearly what they were looking for, how to get it, what difficulties they encountered, without throwing temper tantrums and cussing out the entire free software community. Note the part where the new user does not take their ball and bat and sulk all the way home to Bill Gates' lap again.

Notice, also, that the current writer of this blog post who is typing right now with their fingers cannot make up their mind what pronoun to call them that wrote the blog they are referring to, since they are unsure of their sex and they don't want to offend them.Where the hell was I?

Notice the good result you get when you say, "I want something close to the feel of Windows until I get my bearings.", instead of "YOU SUCK! Windows did everything PERFECT! And you must be exactly like them or you fail!" And when you start out sensibly differentiating between the lower-level, user-friendly distros and the fiendishly-clever, elite-hacker distros. No, not to barge into the middle of Gentoo, piss all over it for not being a play-school toy, and leave declaring that as long as you have to see a single command line, you cannot accept Linux.

In fact, from here on out, I'm pointing newbies at the Blogspot "Linux Newbie". And I'll stick to aspiring to geek monkhood. After all, we elitist eggheads have to keep studying if we are expected to keep spoiling computers for the rest of you.

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