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Linux is not a threat!

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The following quote came up on in a discussion of the amount of flamage that the mere mention of Linux seems to generate:

"To be honest though it seems like some people feel threatened by Linux."

And I paused: That does hit the proverbial nail! That explains a lot of the behavior. So let me address those who might feel this way:

I'm a raving, rabid fan of Linux myself, and yet I have never, ever, insisted that it is for everyone. I say if all you do with a computer is surf the web and play games, if all a computer is to you is an entertainment device, you're probably as well off with Windows. You're also as well off using a game console for gaming and web TV or a cell phone to browse the web. In fact, if all you do with it is websurf and game, what the heck did you even buy a computer for?

As for the rest, there's not just Linux, but BSD, Open Solaris, GNU/HURD, plan 9 from Bell Labs, and the up-and-coming ReactOS. All are just as Free (as in rain) as Linux. The point isn't to favor one system over another; the point is... pay attention, all you flaming numbnuts!... the point is to put the godamn POWER OF TECHNOLOGY BACK IN OUR OWN HANDS! My hands, your hands, our children's hands. You've got a beef with Linux, well, you own it; you can fix it! What do we have instead? 92% of the world is the puppet of one billionaire. Would we tolerate this state in politics? Religion? Sexual mores? Ethnic preferences? How about if all the food in the world was controlled by McDonalds? You walk in the store and see 200 brands of toothpaste; yet in computers we have the biggest monopoly in human history and everybody just goes, "That's good enough. Hey! Don't buck the system!" We're not advocating Linux because we want to tell you what to do - we want to see EVERYBODY get exactly what they want! And we want to preserve that right for the future, for ourselves, and for the next generation who will have even bigger problems with monopolized technology (stem cells and cloning, anyone?) than we do.

What IS IT? Are we all to just cower in terror of technology forever? I think from here on out, I'll try phrasing all the flamage about Windows-vs-Linux in terms of the British Empire-vs-the American Revolutionaries. See if people figure it out then.

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