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Windows and Ubuntu compared

Date/Time Permalink: 06/27/06 04:55:50 am
Category: General

Just read this article on installing Windows and Ubuntu side by side. Speaking as one who has also installed numerous flavors of Windows, I have to say this account rigns true. Also interesting to see that Windows hasn't improved a damn thing in recent years, contrary to what it's astroturfers claim, and in fact seems bad as ever if not worse. Ubuntu, on the other hand, seems like it's improved since I last tried it (I think before Hoary Hedgehog).

Very good information for those dual-booting Windows and Linux, as an example of how it's done. My only variation from my dual-booting days was that I kept the boot loader on a floppy, so that Windows (and any malware running on Windows... is there a difference?) could not possibly hose up the system.

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