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Why People Fall for Phishing Scams

Date/Time Permalink: 06/07/06 08:29:38 am
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Enlightening article on the psychology of phishing scam victims. I was especially chuckling over the anecdote about how test subjects believed a fake bank site was the real thing - because it had a dancing bear on it!

I nominate "Of course it's legit! Look at the dancing bear!" as a new neologism. If it catches on, it could get it's own jargon entry:

"Look at the dancing bear!" [expression] Sarcastic phrase used to point out naivete on the part of one scammed. Comes from the SecurityFocus article regarding a test of phishing psychology in which users believed a site was legitimate based on the fact that it contained an entertaining dancing bear animation. See LOL This is not a virus!.

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