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Sun opens Java! (this is not a drill)

Date/Time Permalink: 05/16/06 07:14:35 pm
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"Sun Microsystems...today announced that Java Platform, Standard Edition
(Java SE) 5 is now available for redistribution by GNU/Linux and
OpenSolaris(SM) operating system distributors under the new Operating
System Distributor's License for Java (also known as the "Distro License
for Java" or DLJ)."

I blink. I read it again. I check the temperature. No, it is not cold enough for Hell to have frozen over. I look outside. It's raining, but there aren't any pigs flying. I check back. The words are still on my computer screen... Pinch - ow! - yes, I'm conscious.

I have been seeing the stories trickle in all morning, but held back until I saw this press release from Sun itself, stating in no uncertain terms that this *IS* finally happening. So far, count on Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Debian to start shipping JDK's and JRE's *with* their distributions, just like any regular Open Source package. Ditto Nexenta, Shillix and Belenix Open Solaris distros. This is literally going to be the breath of life for the Open Solaris distros, because without Java they're just GNU distros with a slower kernel.

I now must make good on a commitment I've always said I would do if this ever happened: I'm now going to have to learn Java! It's damn near too late; with the 15 or so other languages I have under my belt, Java, like Perl, seems almost unnecessary. But I might as well soak it up anyway. It takes me about a day or two to soak up a new language these days anyway (at least it was that way with PHP), and I will at last be able to fill that hole in my resume with confidence.

Of course, if it turns out somebody slipped LSD into my coffee this morning, I'll be retracting this post after I come down...

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