A Snowman Koan
Pettishun 4 Linux Xperts 2 St0p S4yin "RTFM" 2 N3wbies:
"Winux Proof-of-Concept" meme infects online media!
Console Junkie - sung to the tune of "Junkfood Junkie"
What Is Linux Doing Wrong Today?
top ten ideas for future SCO lawsuit headlines:
10 Signs you've been using Firefox too long...
HOWTO start living the "No Choice" lifestyle
A picture to shut up Stumble-Upon
"Petition for Linux experts to stop saying 'RTFM' to newbies" - the *long* version!
Linux users: what you're missing by not running Internet Explorer
Windows Vista still blue screens...
Some New Strategies for Explaining Linux and Windows Users to Each Other
My Highly Accurate Ten Predictions for Technology in 2007
Seven Things to do with a Free Vista laptop...
From A to Z in the Mythology Alphabet
The one time I will support digital copyright: the NFL
Blaugh - finally, a funny one!
Before you post that 'Why Programming Sucks' rant:
The Glass Ceiling Over Linux
I've got my E2 Bunny!
No. 43: How Not To Be a Geek
Wanna hear a funny joke in hex?
Why is Everything so Stupid on Windows?
Computer Predictions I've Heard - Personally
Why Windows Users Are Insane
Meatloafers Are Just As Bad As Spammers!
A MySpace Safari Finally Gets 10K Hits!
A Few Well-Earned Jabs at L. Ron Paul Hubbard
The Seven Kinds of Ziff-Davis or CNET anti-Linux FUD Pundits
Things to do in Emacs when you're bored...
My Most Obscure Hobbies
Must have $YEARS experience in $ACRONYM
Interface Fail: Yahoo Answers
How Do You Tell People That You Work in Technology?
Awwww, Football Geeks You Too!
Four Web Browsers Go To The DriveThru...
An Open Letter to Steve Ballmer: Didn't Your Mother Teach You To Say "Thank You?"
When Do I Get My Own Reboot Girl?
2 Trick of a Tiny Belly
Good Luck With That
Happy Easter Island
What Science Fiction Would Be Like If Science Fiction Writers Had Sense
Why Would You Want To Do That?
Blue Saturday
Computer Engineer Barbie - Girl Geek Stereotype Case Study
If Doctor Chats Were Like Programming Chats
Is It Too Late To Patent This?
Minecraft Homeless
My Top-Ten Rejected Slogans for a 20th anniversary Linux T-shirt:
Boy howdy, Amanda Palmer is chattery!
Oh, Lookie! It's Anti-Linux FUD Season!
Ludacris in Minecraft
The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged
Reddit Bingo
A Freelance Writer's Timesheet
These days, you have to be a hacker just to get anything done right.
8 Kinds of American Problem Voters
Top ten reasons I'm looking forward to the Mayan end of the world:
Desperate 2AM Case Mod Butchering
How To Find A Spy Dollar

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Welcome to Penguin Pete's Blog!
Source Code Dump now up - and post porting progress!
Announcing the New X Desktop Guide!
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New code listing - poker_eval.c and
How the new gallery is coming along...
New Gallery Module added - 25 new wallpapers
welcoming systhread to my blogroll
New Gallery Module Added...
New wallpaper module in gallery
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Blog re-design officially complete!
New Feature! Entire blog history on a single page!
X Window Manager Guide Redesign Complete
My excuse for not posting lately #372
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My Second Blogiversary
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Game of the Day: LBreakout2
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My Desktop Arcade Revival - part 1
My Desktop Arcade Revival - part 2
Linux to game developers: No More Excuses
Game of the Day: Angband
Game of the Day: Heretic
Game of the Day: Hexen
The Unique Problem of Go
The Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show
Son of the Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show
Why I Think Games Aren't a Focus on Linux
Return of the Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show
Game Review: Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
Game of the Day - Neverball
Son of the Return of the Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show
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Game of the Day: Minecraft
When Too Much Minecraft Changes Your Religion
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The Escape of the Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show
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Minecraft Tutorial: How To Safely Dig Straight Down
Game of the day: GNU Backgammon
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BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 6
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 7
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 8
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 1
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 2
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 3
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 4
BBS ads: a tour of ASCII and ANSI art from the 80s and 90s - Part 5
ANSI art: This is fun! Can I play?
libcaca - for your 1337 D3M0z
Running Demoscene Executables in DOSBox
An HTML Chess Table
The 'Leet Text Filter Toys Of Linux


Hikarunix Linux...a Review
Wolvix Games Edition 1.0.4 - a review
son of the Wolvix Games Edition Review
Dyne:Bolic live CD 1.4.1 -a review
Belenix Live CD 0.3 - a Review
GNU/HURD System "Hurdle" - a review
FreeSBIE 1.1 - a non-review
Plan 9 from Bell Labs version 4 - a review
The State of the FOSS: Some Closing Thoughts
Grafpup Linux 1.0.2 - a Review
Elive CD 0.4 - a Scenic Tour
Elive CD 0.4 - a Review This Time!
grml - 0.6 - a review
ReactOS auditing now 71.2% complete
Belenix 0.4.3 - a review
OliveBSD 1.0 live CD - a belated review
Knoppix 5.0.1 - a review
YouOS alpha - a review
Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft - a review
Slackware 11.0 - a Review
Damn Small Linux 3.0.1 - a damn simple review
Xara Xtreme - a Test Drive
Ahhh! What did they do to my Gimp?
Gimp 2.4 - A Proper Review
A Bashful Glimpse at Solaris Indiana Developer Preview Edition
MakeHuman - Open Source Human Modeler
MakeHuman - half a thought left over from yesterday's post
The MakeHuman Marathon!
A Little Talk About Google SketchUp
CrossOver Games for Linux Running Diablo 2
Weather Forecast From the Command Line
Eight Reasons Why Fluxbox Is My Favorite Desktop
Public Service Announcement To Those Selling Computers On Craigslist
Gnome is Rapidly Becoming My Least Favorite Desktop
Adobe's "Magic" Is Gimp's Old Plug-In
Are All SEO Marketing Experts Completely Insane?
The Great Blender Survey Results: The News Behind The News
My Linux Webcam Adventure
Book Review: Inkscape Beginner's Guide
Gnome3: User-Friendly Is Not Equal To User-Insult
Google+ Is Now Starting To Become A Happening Place
Linux Mint 14 Nadia Gets Penguin Peted
Why Does the Gimp Development Team Hate Gimp?
Two Alternatives To Gimp On The Linux Desktop
Further Exploration In Linux Desktop Graphics Beyond Gimp
Discovering Seq24 and Going Temporarily Crazy With It For 72 Hours

LINKS and Lists

LINK to Online Lexicons
Playing with the Google Calculator
10 Firefox extensions and features you MUST HAVE!
Net Archeologists, bring your Pickaxes!
My blogroll - who I link to and why...
New XWM guide addition - Ratpoison
Welcoming "Philosophical Geekess" to my bloglinks
Hey! Annalee Newitz has her own site!
Linux mind-map
Cool magazine cover generator...
An Electronic Bookshelf
Exploring the lesser-known FOSS distros
PCWorld's 25 Bottom Technologies
Why People Fall for Phishing Scams
Your Blogospherical Zen for the Day:
From the makers of Geek Code - Blogger Code!
Stumble-Upon - Good News, Bad News
Linux / BSD babes: geek porn gains ground
Welcoming "The Linux Newbie" to my blogroll
Don't let a FUD cloud rain on your parade! - part 1
Don't let a FUD cloud rain on your parade! - part 2
Don't let a FUD cloud rain on your parade! - part 3
Get a Seal, Save a Whale
My Programming Pet Peeves
I Figured Out Jamie Zawinski
Free, (very slick!) Tux avatars!!!
Attention programming language designers: only 21 letters left
Practice your Pumpkin Carving!
OLPC on 60 Minutes
Your Moment of Consumer Zen:
Get Your Own Scrolling LED Sign...
A Mii without the Wii
Blatant Plagarism of Sniglets via Netscape
A New Year's Task: Submit to the 20 Gigabyte Time Capsule
Mainstream cartoons mentioning Linux
Announcing the First Wikinovel
Clippy Alive and Well on Linux
Forget Dell, THESE guys know how to market to Linux customers!
Firefox... The Movie!
An Undisclosed Number of Signs You Shouldn't Be a Blogger
Mac vs. PC: I'm a Linux!
Dell will offer Linux pre-installed!
Intel releases OLPC clone; flames begin...
Raise your hand if you hate Powerpoint
Fantastic data about the FOSS market
Let's shoot down that "mystery" about the first-digit law.
Scratching An Itch for an Easy Programming Language
Tux500 Team Gets Story Forced Into Slashdot
A Penguin in every Porsche
Google Cans Ad-heavy Content-free Sites
Linus debates GPL in classic email
Linux Command-Line Memes Explained
.buıʞoo1 ʇou ǝɹ,noʎ uǝɥʍ dn ǝpıs-ʇɥbıɹ sı ʇsod sıɥʇ
Linux at Dell on YouTube
Every time you use one of these sites, you're using Linux
Go See Brian Proffitt Today, re: 359 Choices
Gimp vs Photoshop, round #infinity: - in which the author gets to crow and the readers get to eat some of it.
10 Reasons Why the Command Line is More User-Friendly than the Desktop
NYTimes on How to Handle a Technophobe
Online games speedlink!
Video Game Mashup - Mario Brothers and Doom
Please Deflate My Stupidest Theories
Top Reasons 10 I Did Not Bid on Your Job
Saluting the Obsolete Skills of Tech
Saluting the Obsolete Skills of Tech Some More
Corporate Buyout Rumors are the Celebrity Gossip of the Web
Two explorations of how creepy artificial life can get...
Jack Thompson About To Go Out of Business
New short film produced on Blender - Big Buck Bunny
The Top Six Stupid Things People Have Said About Google Chrome
The Annual Christmas Online Games Speedlink Post
A Gallery of Spambots
Google Similar Image Search Brings Me Weird Hits
My Linux Personal Lexicon
Michael Jackson Moonwalks Offstage
10 Signs You Are Ready For Linux
She Doesn't Have Your Ears...
The Only Good Things During the 2000s Happened In Technology
Your word for the day is "Syzygy"
My Own Ten Old-School Linux Programs That I'll Never Forsake
Firefox Manga Fan Art
Why You Should Be Careful Outsourcing Your Logo Design
Who Do I Write Like?
The Twagic Tweets of Twitter
Before Somebody Else Mentions It - "Story of Linux" Video For Linux's 20th Anniversary
Psychology Professors Are Destroying My Reasoning Skills
Google Thinks I'm Immature...
A Little Linklist Of Linux And Technology Themed Webcomics
Six Things I Wish I Could Do With My Google+ Account
Twitter Lists I'm On

HOWTOs and Guides

HOWTO get Linux!
A Tour of Your Keyboard...
The Gnome-Terminal Style Guide - Coolify Your Terminal!
HOWTO Use a Linux Live CD
The Ten-Minute Computer Science Course
Directory Directions...a Guide to the Linux File System
What's up, Doc? A guide to Linux Documentation
Chmod Squad: HOWTO Use Linux File Permissions
Addressing six problems of a new Linux user:
Yet another site hack: PHP random image generator.
Display an RSS headline/link using PHP...anywhere!
Random tagline display PHP hack
The Fortunes of Linux
HOWTO remove unwanted search entries from the Linux Firefox searchbar
Trying out Picasa for Linux
HOWTO convert pdf to HTML on any platform
What to do if... Microsoft shuts off your Windows System
HOWTO make Emacs use soft word wrap like other editors!
You use Command Lines all the time and don't know it!!!
HOWTO hook up a QWest 2wire gateway on Linux, and other annoyances
HOWTO reverse color in Firefox.
How the One-Liner For-Loop in Bash Goes
Today's Fix-it: Fixing Craiglist's bad page formatting
Rebuilding the Directory for TexInfo
Tweakin' your Bash Prompt
So You're Curious About Linux...
HOWTO fix filenames on Linux
Five X Windows Background Hacks You Probably Didn't Know
HOWTO Play With Your Old QBasic Programs on Linux
HOWTO create keyboard macros in Emacs
Writers-Block Busters for Bloggers
Obscure Linux Commands: Cheating At Word Games
My 'lil' FreeBSD Notebook
Slowly Making Friends With The New Gimp
News Flash: Many People Still Hate Work!
Arcane Linux Commands - Crunching PDF Data
Obscure Linux Commands: Random Little Stuff
Today For Show-n-Tell, I Brought My Dot-Emacs File
Obscure Linux Commands: Some of My Favorite Incantations
Yet Another Random String Generator
How To Move Linux to a New Hard Drive
Argh! Microsoft Notepad CRLF! Argh!
How to Talk About FOSS Without Sounding Like a Total Dweeb
I For One Welcome Our New Google Overlords
What Programming Language Should You Learn?
A Quick Guide to Lynx
Penguin Pete On Writing
Using Bash To Solve A Brain Teaser
Script of the Day: Random Wallpaper Setter
A Bash script to force Image Magick to use zero-indexing when it converts GIF to JPG


Eight Linux Myths that are ready to be dragged to the Trashcan!
Mea Culpa, GNU!
my PC disaster recovery...
Moving into Mandriva
Linux and the Environment
Linux Success Story: art professor switches class to Linux
"Stop fighting technology and USE IT"
The Power of Tinker-Toys
Where is the free version of Windows?
Things Windows Users Need To Do Before Linux Takes Them Seriously...
Linux - the world's most misunderstood operating system
Dare we hope?
A brainstorm for Microsoft
Just what we need...
"Just enough of my freedom, and way too much of yours."
No longer linking to
Stealth Bombers are more difficult to operate than Tricycles BECAUSE THEY CAN FLY!
The Spammer Wars: a report from the front:
Another jab at the bots.
The Knowledge Divide - can it only get wider?
On Linux's growing territory
Sun opens Java! (this is not a drill)
Anonymous Postcard Email Virus Alert
Everybody happy with Sun but Stallman (or NOT?)
Defective by Design
Alas, Gaming on Linux, we knew it never!
This just in...
The Penguin and The Bat...a Love Story
Hey, you!
Windows and Ubuntu compared
MSN Messenger's silent censor
Linux is not a threat!
Happy Independence Day
YouOS - is it the future yet?
A New Computer in the Family...
Blender released; flames begin
"Why won't Adobe/Macromedia update Flash for Linux, dammit?"
A new answer to the PC question
Windows users: get a rebate for upgrading to Xandros!
Does Microsoft impose a prisoner mentality?
Microsoft Prisoner Mentality part 2 - a case study
Lightning Strikes! - a True Story for the Bored Stiff
R.I.P. Eric S. Raymond...the hero I knew, the ass I know now.
Programmer testifies to writing election-rigging code in Florida
Happy Software Freedom Day - and I got a present!
Web 2.0 - the ironic half-truth
What if Microsoft released Windows as Open Source?
Where I stand (so far) on GPL3
Microsoft really funded SCO to attack Linux the whole time.
Time for an Emacs mascot?
The latest case of Linux discrimination: EBay
Passion for Windows: Does it Exist?
Beggar's Night is over...
Microsoft partners with Novell Suse Linux and releases an open source Windows
Calling Gates and Ballmer to the stand!
More snuggling between proprietary and open source software:
More details on Microsoft-Suse partnership
Why do Christmas decorations suck?
Linux and Newbies: Some Cold, Hard Reality
Why Linux has Zealots
The Origins of Santa Claus
7 Reasons Why Slackware is My favorite Distro
Open Solaris - Bring it on!
When will we hear the end of computer quacks?
Iowa Microsoft anti-trust case ends in defeat
Stumble Upon is getting Too Damn Pushy!
What Tech Companies Should Know About Linux Users
Annalee Newitz's Digg-rigging experiment
Stumble-Upon is Malware! Uninstall!
'The Linux desktop is a complete blast', says Novell Canada
Nine Reasons Why the Linux Desktop is a Complete Blast!
Is it time to take back our Internet?
Wikipedia, the second-most often attacked technology after Linux
Asstroturfers coup Slashdot and Digg simultaneously
A field guide to halt the Linux menace...
Ubuntu is not Linux - pass it on!
No, really! Ubuntu is not Linux! Try it on for size!
The Final Analysis of the Tux500 Scam
Paul Graham declares Microsoft dead.
Stupid about technology? It's not your fault!
Is the Tux500 racecar advertizing project a scam?
Tux500 scam - news and links history
WHY the tux500 promotion is a pump-and-dump scam
the tux500 scam of the Linux community
Now, where was I before I was so rudely distracted?
WHY is the transition from Windows to Linux easy for some people?
Dear Newsforge: I am not devnet.
DC Parris of LXer to Linux community member: shut up!
tux500 crew caught rigging Digg - with screenshots!
Are the tux500 people really all THAT bad?
Does Tux500 violate the Linux trademark?
"Marketers! Marketers! Marketers!"
Tux500 crash!
The Linux Insecurity Complex
An Open Letter to DC Parris about Tux500
Will Penguin Pete's ever be back to pre-Tux500 normal status?
lobby4linux... GETS ONE RIGHT!!!
That is right, Microsoft, just keep buying air!
Here comes HTML5! Duck!
What?!?!? Linux now NEEDS Microsoft?!?!?
Would Yahoo really censor Open Source answers?
What it means to blog...
When HASN'T Linux been at war?
GPL3 Better Garlic, Scares Away Microsoft Vampire
People Who Will Never Adopt Linux
Should FOSS Change to a Dual License? falsifies Linus Torvalds quote
Digg is like a Manic-Depressive Girlfriend
Where is the Geek TV?
Linus Torvalds Debunks Con Kolivas's Stupidity; anti-Linux Trolls Everywhere Heartbroken
Explaining the Google Second Brain Phenomenon
Web Design is Broken
When "RTFM" becomes "Oh, Just Forget It!"
I Run Linux, and I Don't Hate Microsoft
Isn't It Time We Forked the Concept of a Computer?
One Music Executive Finally Sees the Light!
Would Leonardo da Vinci have made it as a web designer?
If Linux Isn't Successful, Why Is Everybody Talking About It?
The BSD Community Compared to the Linux Community
Gutsy Gibbon and the Download Frenzy
TurboLinux Joins the Traitor's Parade
Overcoming THE FEAR
Linux Users - Not Just Feral, but Rabid
What comes next after Web 2.0?
Are Webbies the New Hippies?
A follow-up to "News Flash: Many People Still Hate Work!"
Today's Blog Post is my Primal Scream Therapy. You Don't Have to Read It.
Is Microsoft All Bark and No Bite Anymore?
Microsoft Singularity: What is the mess we've been handed?
Someday, it will be legal to strangle trolls...
How Open Technology Could Lead Us Out Of Recession
Andy Rooney, the Programmer
Attention Firefox Plug-in Makers: GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!
The Tragedy of Linux: You Can Hack an OS, But You Can't Hack People
You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 2: The Computing World
You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 3: More Maps
You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 4: Godzilla moves in with Bambi
You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 5: No Help For The Helpless
You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 6: The Black Hand
You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 7: Left Standing at the Altar
I Never Said A Proper Goodbye...
Interface Obsession Syndrome
Interface Obsession Syndrome - round two...
Another Point of View on That Whole "Rogue San Francisco Admin" Story
Explaining That Computers are Science, not Magic
Why I Hate User Interface Debates
Monty Python and the Quest For the Holy Programming Language
A Little Start-Up Success Story
Shouldn't The President Be As Wired As He Wants To Be?
After Seven Months, the Terry Childs Witchhunt Drags On
The Losing Battle Against Technology Freedom
Tech Worker Meets Real World - Recoils In Shock
A Reminder That Asstroturfing Exists
America Needs a Renaissance
Wait, I Thought Command Lines Were More Evil Than Hitler?
Point-For-Point With Keir Thomas About Google Chrome OS
Open Source vs. Proprietary - Who Are The Real Zealots?
Maggie's Farm
Maggie's Farm - A Follow-Up
And I Thought I Was The Only One Who Got This
HA-Ha! I Didn't Do Any Gimp Tutorials This Round!
Why Tell Publishers Exactly What's Wrong With Newspapers and Magazines, When They Won't Listen?
I'm Not The Only One Suspicious Of Adobe
Isn't It Strange That Microsoft Only Singles Out *Linux* As "Infringing On Its Patents"?
What Part of "Social Linking Sites Are Rigged For Money" is So Hard to Understand?
Well, Fine, Then! You Should Learn More About Cars, Too!
Explaining Security Concepts to ZDNet Bloggers Is Like Teaching Physics to a Pig
A Point That Deserves Illuminating: Linux Is Not "I-Cant-Believe-Its-Not-Windows!"
Abbie Hoffman Would Have Loved 4Chan
IBM's Watson, the Artificial-Intelligence Jeopardy-Playing Supercomputer, Runs Linux
But I Suffer From Attention Surplus Disorder
Is It Time To Reboot or Replace Wikipedia?
But What If We SHOULD Be More Demanding Of Technology?
Does The Recent Rash of Cyber Attacks on High-Profile Institutions Tell Anybody ANYTHING???
Hey, Where Are All The Clueless Newbs Who Can't Use A Phone?
Paul Miller Has Never Seen A Computer Before
A Reminder: There Is No Such Thing As A Secret. Ever.
BASIC Is Dead. Bury It.
Rick Santorum Condemns Education, Period
The Problems With Online Activism - A Followup
In Which I Explain A Thumbnail History Of Home Computing In A Response To An Email
A Bash Script To Demonstrate The Collatz Conjecture
Aurora Theater Shooting - Does Everybody Understand My Point About People Who Can't Tell Reality From Fantasy Now?
The Post-Work Economy
How To Bust A Fake AMA On Reddit
Website Owners Go On Using SEO For The Same Reason Your Grandma Still Uses AOL
Read This If You're Bitter And Angry About The World
How Do We Get More Men Into Needlepoint?
In Case You Missed It: Linux In Space!
Entire Internet Thunderstruck To Discover That US+UK Intelligence Agencies Do Their Job


Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 1
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 2
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 4
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 3
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 5
Everybody Struggles With Technology
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 6
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 7
Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 8
My first Flash game
New Flash Game - Distro Slot
My Next Flash Project Idea - a Flash Roller-Coaster Ride
Flash Demo #9: Keyboard Control and Ball Physics
Flash Mish Mash
New Flash Game: Drop-A-Block
New Flash game: IQ Blocks
New Flash toy - Circlerama
New Flash drawing toy - DrawDemon
Some Completely Meaningless Flash Animation Loops
New Flash Demo #11: A Card Shuffler
New Poker Game in the Flash Gallery
April Fools Flash Tutorial: Embed a Sound File

Graphics Tutorials

Can Gimp fool Photoshop fans?
Generate Background Tiles With ImageMagick
Gimp Tutorial - Metallic Text
Gimp Tutorial - Pebbles
Gimp Tutorial - Popout Photo
Gimp Tutorial - Mirrored Ball on Checkered Plane
Inkscape Tutorial - The Sun
Inkscape Tutorial - Trees
Inkscape Tutorial - Web 2.0 Logos
Inkscape and Gimp: Tracing a Cartoon Figure
Gimp Tutorial - Fast Flaming Text
Image Magick Banner Generator - part 1
Image Magick Banner Generator - part 2
Image Magick Banner Generator - part 3
Image Magick Banner Generator - part 4
Image Magick Banner Generator - part 5
Blender 2.46 Tutorial - Boning
Producing an EBook Cover With POVRay and Inkscape
Inkscape Tutorial - Raised Lettering Effect
Guest-Starring in Today's Doomed to Obscurity: Yakov Smirnoff and Kent Brockman
Inkscape Tutorial - An Isometric Tileset - part 1
Inkscape Tutorial - An Isometric Tileset - part 2
Inkscape Tutorial - An Isometric Tileset - part 3
Using Gimp's IFS Tool
Making a Tie-Dye Design With Gimp
Image Magick Toy - A Dada Album Cover Creator
Inkscape Tutorial - L-System Fractals
Using Screen Captures Of Xscreensaver Modules For Image Sources
Inkscape Tutorial: Traced Path Pentagram

Geek Culture

A Hacker's Movie List
How To Totally Fake Being A Geek
Digital Religions - the Religions of the Geek Culture
Lady geeks, why are geek guys so... geek guy?
Snakes on a Plane
One for the ladies: How to date a geek guy?
Movie Geek : how I see David Lynch
R.I.P., Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Your voice will be missed.
The Internet Finally Killed a Newspaper!
How to Live With a Geek
Come to Think of it, why *DOES* the Sci-Fi Channel Suck?
Crowd-Sourcing a Book From Blogs
Why the Philosophies of Nietzsche and Rand Are Poison To Geeks
Fear and Loathing at Technology Open House
The Case For Video Games As Art
I'll Bet Richard Heene Has Seen 12 Monkeys!
The Internet Has Sucky Taste in Films
The Century Did, Too, Begin In 2000!
Ubuntu fans...
Got Some Luddite Mail Today
A Walk On The Stupid Side: How Does The Other Half Live?
God, I Hope Webcomics Don't Go the Way of Print Comics
How I Got Too Comfortable With the Dark Ages
Ideas On What To Do On A Geek Date
Googling Rot13'd Words To View the Secretive Side of the Web
I quit using print encyclopedias even before Wikipedia came out
Fake Geeks Now Complaining About Fake Fake Geeks
Why is everybody fighting to be called "geek"?
Here: This Is What a REAL Girl Geek Looks Like
My Own Musings On Content Creation For The Web
Attention Reddit (and everybody who cares about it): A History Lesson
Why I Am Perfectly Justified In Being A "Grammar Nazi"
Court Conviction Confirms Everything I Ever Thought About LULZSEC


And now, some terms from our search-bag...
And now, some more terms from our search-bag...
And now, a rumble through the search bag...
A Dive Into the Searchbag
Hey! I haven't done a Searchbag post in awhile...
Time for a Summer Searchbag Edition...
I'm Bored! What's In The Searchbag?
A Special New-Years-Eve Searchbag Post
Mr. Helpful Answers Your Searchbag Queries...
Yar! 'Tis Me Pirate-Day SearchBag Post!


The Great Iowa Storm of 2007
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